Copper Antimicrobial Tinted Film

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Copper antimicrobial tinted films that can be applied to many frequently touched surfaces and help reduce the transmission of bacteria and viruses.

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A practical copper antimicrobial tinted film that can be applied to many frequently touched surfaces. Viruses and bacteria survive longer on hard surfaces than on soft ones with fibres. So antimicrobial surface coatings can play an important role in reducing transmission, particularly when used as part of an overall cleaning management programme.

Antimicrobial copper kills germs

Copper has been proven to kill many germs on contact*. Compared with 24 hours on cardboard (paper) and 2-3 days on plastics and stainless steel, Coronavirus extinction times are within 4 hours on copper.

In South Korea, where the virus has been managed extremely well, Copper Films have been used extensively to reduce the chance of virus transmission on touch surface.

How does antimicrobial copper kill a virus or bacteria?

  • Copper ions on the surface are recognised as an essential nutrient and enter the cell.
  • A lethal dose of copper ions interferes with the normal cell functions of the virus or bacteria
  • Copper ions impede cell respiration/metabolism which effectively kills the virus or bacteria

Copper antibacterial and antimicrobial film applications

Regularly used or frequently touched surfaces typically increase virus transmission. Applying copper antibacterial film / copper antimicrobial film onto these surfaces is proven to reduce the transmission. Antimicrobial film can be applied to the following:

  • Door handles – apply the copper film for an antibacterial door handle cover
  • Touchscreens –  copper protective films create an antimicrobial surface coating which significantly reduces chances of transmission. Regular cleaning is still advisable to ensure the copper protective film is always in peak condition.
  • Counters and desks – areas where people congregate and interact, or work areas likes desks and workstations where an antimicrobial film is applied will manage virus transmission very well.
  • Public transport hand rails – Surfaces which are in constant use 24/7 will require copper antimicrobial products to reduce transmission. Public transport hand rails can be touched by hundreds of people every hour, and door handles, buttons and seats will regularly be used where people can easily pass on virus and bacteria. An antibacterial door handle cover or hand rails with copper antibacterial film antimicrobial film will provide a protective coating for the safety of passengers and staff.
  • Power switches – copper antimicrobial film covering will provide a safety layer which will help manage the spread and transmission of viruses. Antimicrobial copper has proven to work in both testing and in live situations during the current Covid-19 pandemic where the coronavirus extinction time is under 4 hours.
Features & Benefits

Contains 100,000 ppm copper in (or on) the film, Easy to install with non-adhesive and self-adhesive options, Film uses 99.9% copper, Tinted with high transparency and clarity – ideal for touch screens, Uniform level of copper with stable dispersion, formulation and coating

Roll length



Counters and desks, Door handles, Power switches, Public transport hand rails, Touchscreens


Adhesive, Non Adhesive


100um, 70um, 80um


STP-OSC Copper Antimicrobial Tinted Film Technical Specification Sheet

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