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SubliNova Smart Refill Cap

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Easy to use Refill caps designed for Epson Eco Tank printer models with 100ml DTI SubliNova Smart ink. These feature a self-sealing valve to make task easier.

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Our easy to use SubliNova Smart Refill caps are designed for use with Epson Eco Tank printer models. This cap has been designed to enable the simple refilling of the printer using the 100ml DTI SubliNova Smart ink. These feature a self-sealing valve to make the task easier.

In fact it is important to note that they rely on gravity to complete the refilling process and so no squeezing to inject or force the ink into the printer is required. Simply turn the bottle upside down, push the self-sealing cap on to the refilling valve on your printer and the ink will naturally self feed into the tank.

Designed to fit the Ecotank filling nozzles the bottle has an integrated valve. The ink will not pour or leak out until the bottle top adaptor is pressed over the filling nozzle on the printer. The ink will then self pour into the Ecotank chamber filling it quickly and efficiently. Find out more in our video.

NOW AVAILABLE in packs of 10 Refill Caps.

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Easy application


Fashion, Graphics and Flags, Interior Display, Promotional Items


10 x Refill Cap Pack


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